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AL AARAB HOLDINGS is a prominent EPC provider in the Oil and Gas sector in Oman and Bahrain. We have established a reputation for consistently delivering quality projects As Sub Contractor for the past 20 years. This is reflected through the robust long term relationships we hold with all the leading companies in the hydrocarbon industry. Our current position in the market is a result of our many successes.

What We Offer

The Oil & Gas Division primarily caters to onshore and offshore oil & gas field services, as well as petrochemical and allied industries.

  • Maintenance and Industrial
    • Work Maintenance, shutdown and minor capital works
    • General maintenance work in the sector
    • Maintenance engineering and services to increase the performance of existing facilities.
  • Engineering and Construction Work
    • Onshore construction solutions
    • Full range of integrated services for EPC plants including:
      • Project management
      • Process engineering
      • Multidisciplinary detailed engineering
      • Procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up services for onshore and offshore plants


  • EPIC of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical projects
  • Flow lines, Piping & Pipelines
  • Process plants and utilities
  • Storage tanks & refurbishments
  • Shutdown and turnaround of refineries, production and process stations
  • Installation of chemical injection skids and deluge skids
  • Industrial, surface preparation and protective coating
  • Erection of heavy equipment such as vessels, columns, heat exchangers, dome roofs, etc.
  • Installation of rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors, etc.
  • Internal lining works
  • Technical support service
  • Plant Upgrades and Maintenance

Upstream: Our expertise in this field ranges from wellhead to treatment centers. Our management skills, engineering flexibility, and ingenuity enable us to successfully handle even the most complex project situations.

Downstream: We operate many downstream projects including revamping of oil storage facilities at refineries, and the revamping or installation of petroleum/petrochemical units.

Current Project : AL AARAB HOLDINGS LLC has been awarded the Electrical & Mechanical Replacement of GT1 & GT2, Refurbishment of GT3, 4 & 5 and installation of new GT6 Plant from National Friendly Environment LLC Petrochemical Company, Jardaman, Oman

AL AARAB HOLDINGS LLC mechanical and electrical work scope includes

Mechanical and Electrical installation of

  • Dismantling, transportation, offloading of existing GTG # 1 & 2, Turbine Generator, auxiliaries, air intake, exhaust system up to Waste Heat recovery boiler inlet.
  • Erection of new GTG Units # 1 & 2 complete with related equipments
  • Erection of new GTG Unit # 6 complete with related requirements
  • Refurbishment of GTG # 3, 4 & 5 Units
  • Fabrication and installation of Piping
  • Installation of Electrical Equipments
  • Laying , glanding, termination of MV,LV , Control cables & Power Cables
  • Installation of cable ways, conduits
  • Instrumentation and control system

Current Projects

EPIC for CO2 Water Alternating Gas (WAG) Injection Pilot Project at Liwa Oman.
  • EPIC for Route Survey , Design Construction, Installation & Hook Up of Well Flow Lines in Duqm Fields 2019-2022.
  • Major Overhaul of Crude Oil Tanks T-5002, 06, 07 & 9 T-5050 - Duqm, Oman.
  • EPIC of Balance Works for Drainage Upgrade and Early Works for WWTP Upgrade OQ Refineries Oman.

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